Art in the Keys - Where Visions Become Reality
Forté in Illustration...Passion for Photography
Beauty abounds, here in the Florida Keys!  My images capture the essence of nature and sea life in the Tropics.
Schooling in Commercial Art has given me the skill set to work in many different areas.  I specialize in Illustration and have a true passion for Photography.  Depicting realism in my drawings and paintings, I am able to bring a treasured photo to life with a portrait of a loved one, or family pet.  Working primarily outdoors, when shooting pictures, I take in all the tiny details that God has artfully and sometimes discreetly placed for us to stumble upon.  Being a sucker for romance and having a special knack for event planning, I am also available to shoot small outdoor/beach weddings or just take some fun family/pet photos.  If you have a new business, or would like to spruce up your current image, contact me for a custom designed logo!
Working with a variety of media, such as: Acrylic, Watercolor, PrismaColor Pencil, Pen and Ink, Conté, Pastel, Photography and Photoshop, the ability to form thoughts and visions into a piece of Art for you to enjoy is limitless
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